Gmail Tip:

Right Side Chat

Post date: Jan 19, 2012 2:46:30 PM

Some of you have discovered Google Mail's Chat. With Chat, you can connect with others via instant messaging (IM) and video. By default, Chat contacts are shown below your labels in the left sidebar. If you have a lot of labels, you have to scroll way down to see Chat contacts. Right Side Chat is a Google Mail Lab that moves Chat contacts to the top of the right sidebar, making them more accessible.

To enable Right Side Chat, click on the gear in the upper right of the Google Mail window, select Mail Settings, and click on the Labs link. Scroll down through the Labs (alpha order) to locate Right Side Chat. You can also enter "right" in the Labs search field to show the Right Side Chat Lab. Click the Enable radio button. Finally, at the top or bottom of the window, click the Save Changes button. Right Side Chat will be enabled and you'll be returned to Google Mail.

Notes: Google Mail automatically adds people you email frequently in the wbschools domain to your Chat contacts. To manually add a person to your Chat contacts, click into the Chat search field, enter all or part of the person's name, hover over the person's name in the auto-complete list, and select Show In Chat List. To remove a person from your Chat contacts, hover the mouse over the person's name, click on [video &] more from the window that pops up, and select Never Show. For more information on Chat, see