How to Access Your Teacher Student Roster Verification Report

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Maintenance Direct - School Dude

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Click here to create a maintenance or custodial request.  Use the PDF below for additional directions.


Gmail Tip: How to Disable Spam Filter for Wanted Email Addresses

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How to Disable Spam Filters in Gmail

There are two main reasons why you would would you want to disable Gmails spam filter.

  1. You use a desktop email client and don’t want to login and check the spam folder for valid emails.
  2. You auto-verify accounts but your program doesn’t look in the spam folder.

Well, there isn’t a way to actually disable the spam filter but there is a simple work around.

Just watch this video to see how.

Google+ is now available for Teachers and Staff

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All K-12 Students Now Have Google Drive Accounts

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Every student in the district has been given a Google Drive account.  This gives each student 5 GB of memory to store any document online...  accessible from any computer, in district or not, with an internet connection.  

Students should go to:

Username:  (for example:
Initial Password: student_id (for example: 000000000)

This account grants student's access to Google Drive, Google Sites, and Google Calendar.  It will not give students a Gmail account.

Desmos | a beautiful free online graphing calculator

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"Desmos is an amazing and free math resource. To call it a graphing calculator is almost insulting, as it is a class above the graphing calculators most students are using. This HTML5 based tool runs great on any modern web browser, and even has an on screen keyboard for use on tablets."  Educator +James Eichmiller

Sign in with your West Babylon Gmail account and it will save your data on Google Drive.

Tangent  SBURB Epicycloid

Getting Gmail on Your Apple or Droid Phone & Tablet

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Having trouble getting Gmail on your phone or tablet?  The best way to do it is by downloading the Gmail app from iTunes or Google Play.  Setup is as easy as logging into your Gmail account. 

Here is the link to the app: 

We are also testing a solution for syncing your Google Calendar to your iPhone calendar.  Here is the link to the app:

Why You Should Get Rid of Your Flash Drive

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  1.  Flash drives can break.
  2.  Flash drives are easily lost/stolen.
  3.  Flash drive data can be corrupted by magnetic fields.
  4.  Flash drives are prone to and spread viruses. (As we saw here at WB this week.)

  5.  Google Drive replaces the need for flash drives and eliminates the worries above.  
Check out this video >>>


Tech Request Process has Changed

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We are now using Mojo Helpdesk to manage our technology help requests.

To submit a tech request, go to as usual and click on Tech Help.

Once your are at the website, you will need to Log In by clicking "Please login now" (see illustration, 1)
  • Login using your Google Apps (Gmail) username and password.

Once you are logged in, you may:
  • Submit a new tech request by clicking "New ticket" (see illustration, 2)
  • Track your existing tickets by clicking "My tickets" (see illustration, 3)

Sync your Google Contacts on iPads & Macs

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CardDAV enables 3rd party clients, like the iOS contacts app, to sync your Google contacts. By supporting IMAP, CalDAV, and CardDAV together, we’re making it possible for 3rd parties to build a seamless Google Account sync

To sync your Google Contacts on iOS using CardDAV, please follow these instructions..

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