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Using Gmail

Gmail Interactive Overview  New to the Gmail interface? Wondering what the different areas are and how they function? Explore the Gmail interface and learn
about its features and functionality in this highly interactive presentation.
Gmail Overview (video 3:31 min.)
Searching for Messages (video 0:36 min.)
Using Labels (video 1:18 min.)
Archiving Messages (video 0:59 min.)

Manage Your Emails Automatically with Filters One of the greatest features in Gmail is Filters. Set up properly, Filters can add tremendous functionality to your Gmail account, such as the ability to identify your important emails and remove unwanted emails automatically. In this lesson, you will develop the skills to create filters so you can more easily manage your email. (video 3:46 min.)
Undo Send: Retrieve an Unfinished Email Oops, hit 'Send' too soon? Give yourself a grace period of a few seconds to cancel sending, then continue editing your message before sending again by enabling 'Undo Send'.  (video 1:33 min.)
Insert an Image In this lesson, you will develop the skill to enable a feature from Labs so you can insert an image into an email.  Inserting an image into your email helps you to clearly communicate. (video 2:40 min.)